Yoga therapy

One to one sessions will be held either at my home studio, or in the comfort of your own home (within a limited area from Edinburgh).  The first session will involve an in depth discussion of your condition, symptoms, background etc.  I use bodymapping and (optionally) Astrology to inform me on any psychological/emotional influences involved. As pelvic misalignment can be the underlying cause of a large range of 'mysterious' symptoms, I can check for this and if appropriate, offer realignment exercises.  Yoga Therapy is gentle, understanding and forgiving and I always work within all constraints, time as well as ability. 

Ayurvedic Facial Lifting Massage

This is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic experience.  First I will determine your 'dosha' (literally means 'mistake' or imbalance). This will determine the appropriate oil, heat, intensity and number of stroke to apply to rebalance this. Then I get to work massaging the face, neck, shoulders and head, including the 'marma' points which can actually help release blockages all over the body.  Approximately 75 minutes. 

Ayurvedic Foot Massage

As with the Facial Massage above, I use the 'dosha' to decide on the oil type, heat and stroke to apply.  Relax and let go as I massage from the tips of the toes, up the feet to the ankles, calves and knees.  Also includes 'marma' points for a truly therapeutic treatment. 


Ayurveda is the Science of Life, or the Science of long/healthy Life.  It's sister science is the Science of Light, also known as Jyotish.  It's Western equivalent is Astrology and until relatively recently Astrology was used alongside medicine in the West. I discovered Astrology in 1983 and have studied and practised since then.  Although it is a powerful tool for understanding and recognising psychological patterns and cycles, I felt it lacked any therapeutic properties. I am now delighted to offer such a unique mix: using the insight gained from Astrology helps me determine what psychological/emotional events in your past may be contributing to the symptoms and conditions.  It also points to one or more of the Chakras where the energy flow is blocked or hindered.  I offer stand-alone consultations by skype or in person as well as in conjunction with Yoga Therapy.