Susan in Padmasana - Lotus pose

I began practising yoga asana in 1998 and explored an eclectic variety of styles before achieving a pass with merit in 2013 in Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. Since then I have enjoyed teaching groups of people with a wide variety of ages/fitness levels/previous experience and ability.  I have been dedicated to guiding people with various conditions including arthritis and post polio syndrome, providing modifications and alternatives in order to ensure my classes are as inclusive as possible. 

With that dedication in mind, I subsequently earned my Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy. On my first day's training I learned that in Ayurveda all illness is rooted in the mental/emotional realm.  I was so thrilled:  I am an adept Astrologer, having practised extensively since 1983. Hence, after years of searching I had found a way to combine two of my greatest passions!  I now believe my offering of Yoga Therapy combined with (optional) Astrological consultation is truly unique.